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Niagara Favourites: Bitters 3 Pack

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Can't decide on what flavour to add to your next cocktail? Why not reach for one of our favourites from here in Niagara. Each 3 pack contains 1 bottle of each of the following faves from the Crown Cocktail Co team, bundled together for additional savings! 

  • 100mL Dillon's DSB Aromatic Bitters [link]
  • 120mL Stir Crazy Spirited Orange Bitters [link]
  • 100mL Tawse Lavender Bitters [link]
  • Tawse Lavender Bitters: 100mL Bottle
  • Stir Crazy Spirited Orange Bitters: 120mL Bottle
  • Dillon's DSB Aromatic Bitters: 100mL Bottle
  • Tawse Lavender Bitters: Organic alcohol, water, organic sugar, organic lavender.
  • Stir Crazy Spirited Orange Bitters: Alcohol, water, orange, spices, botanicals, sugar.
  • Dillon's DSB Aromatic Bitters: Alcohol, water, sugar, sour cherry juice, natural flavours, spices.

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